Thursday, December 27, 2007

DD-WRT: Static Leases

Setting Up Static Leases

One of my favorite features of the DD-WRT firmware is static leases. I like to set all my computers for DHCP for ease of administration but some machines need static IP's so I know how to get to them (like printers, servers, etc). I don't want to have to configure them for static IP's so I use the router to do this for me.

What you need to figure out first is the MAC (Machine Access Control) address of the device. There are many ways to do this but this easiest is to again use the router to do your work for you:

1) Click on Status and then LAN:

2) Find the machine you are looking for by looking at the Host Name column. This is a name assigned to the device by either you when you set it up the first time or by the manufacturer. Once you find the machine you are looking for, copy the MAC Address. Note: The machine you are looking for MUST be active on the network for it to show up in this list.

3) Click on Services and then the Services sub-tab.

4) Click Add under the static leases section and paste the MAC Address, assign the machine a hostname (no spaces allowed) and then assign the IP address you want this device to always get served. This can be from your DHCP lease pool or outside of it, as long as it is in the subnet of the router:

5) Click Add to add as many as you want and then click Save and Apply Changes to the router. At this point, you will want to re-boot your device that should be getting the static lease for it to take effect. Now that computer, printer, etc will always get the same IP and you can change it at any time just by editing the static lease page in your router.

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