Friday, March 20, 2009

MEGA Health Insurance and the NASE - STAY AWAY!

If you are like me and self-employed, the options for health insurance can seem kind of slim - and they are in fact. That is why stumbling across a plan through the National Associate of the Self Employed seemed like a good deal. It was a fairly inexpensive plan (around $300 for 2 people) that the selling agent said had all sorts of coverage, we could keep the same docs, etc.

What really happened is they don't actually pay out ANYTHING. Luckily I only used it for my annual routine physical. What ended up happening is MEGA applied a "discount" to the bill and then stuck me with the rest. That discount was about $30. The bill had all sorts of footnotes telling me to read my policy, which is 100's of pages long in a bound book and nearly impossible to understand. I defaulted to the sales agent's description of the policy - trust I should not have extended him. His name, by the way, is: Robert Stauffer, (720) 341-6013. The MSN address should have clued me in that he likely changes his email address regularly after enough complaints come in.

After doing some homework on MEGA and NASE (something I should have done before getting the policy), it appears I am far from alone in this issue. In fact, a number of class action lawsuits have been filed against both companies (or perhaps they are the same company). Luckily, I am only out a few hundred dollars.  Many are out tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars with them.

Anyone know of a good health insurance policy for the self employed???

Some interesting reading on NASE below. Please spread this word through the self employed industry.

What's funny (well, sort of), when you Google MEGA Insurance, you get 1 hit for the actual company and then the rest of the page is filled with articles like those above. Doh!