Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 11: Mackinac Island to Frankfort, MI

After a great afternoon on Mackinac Island with drinks at the Grand Hotel and dinner at a local joint that specialized in whitefish, we woke up to a grey rainy morning. The excitement of the morning (other than Starbucks having no coffee) was the loss of one of our large orange fenders into the harbor. At some time early in the morning, it came loose and started to float away. To our luck, it got stuck to the inner wall of the breakwall around the harbor. We were not able to walk out and get it since the breakwall was not connected to land. Ela took the bull by the horns, smoothed down her shirt and headed over to the workers that were putting in the pilings the day earlier and talked them into taking their boat over and picking up the rogue fender. They seemed more than happy to do this for her and shortly after, our fender returned.

Rain stuck with us for a couple of hours and the wind which had stayed fairly strong all night made for a rough start to our day. Our destination was Pentwater, MI where we were planning on a great lunch of the delicious smoked fish from the local fisherman available right in the harbor. Unfortunately, there is no harbor anymore in Pentwater - at least not now. All the docks where gone and the harbor was roped off. What made this worse news was the waves were building and we were headed directly into them.

2 hours later, we made it to Frankfort - about 40 miles further south. This is a larger, well protected harbor that was open. It is clear that boating season has not yet begun in Michigan. Like all others, this harbor is totally empty. The harbor master and staff looked pretty happy to see us. Gave them something to do at least for a little while... We grilled lunch up top since the rain stopped and the sun finally came out.

I remember as a little kid sitting on a giant swing set along the lakefront watching the ships come into the harbor. I found out the ships are long gone but the old swing set still remains so I had to take a few minutes and swing. It was just as fun as I remember it!

After a walk through town, we headed back to the boat to watch the Wings / Hawks game. Go Hawks! Following that, Nuggets / Lakers are on.

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