Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 13: Pentwater, MI to Holland, MI

Wind blew and blew all day the day before. Seas were again a little rough but not as bad because the wind changed direction during the night. We had a fairly short (4 hour) ride to Holland, MI - Lake Macatawa. This was a bit of a home coming for me. I spent a tremendous amount of time as a kid on Lake Macatawa. I had a few good friends that lived there, went to sailing camp there for a few summers, raced little sailboats in the bay and basically spent a good portion of my summers there until I was in high school. I have not been back there since probably 1987 or there about.

Alot has changed and alot has stayed the same. It was great to be able to spend the afternoon walking around and looking at things, remembering my childhood and taking lots of pictures. I figured this was a good day to sea trial the dingy - and it was an opportunity to tour the lake and give Erica a tour.

When I was a kid, I had two good friends my age I played with: Wade and Kori Eldean. They lived there in Macatawa and had a house across the street from the marina. To my luck, both were there this weekend. Wade lives there still and is an artist with a studio right on the bay ( and Kori was in town organizing the Waterfront Film Festival ( she runs each year. This gave us a brief but fun chance to catch up. Her parents who I also knew quite well invited us to dinner. Always nice to see old friends from the past. Brought back alot of memories in the short 24 hours we spent tied up there. Weather finally calmed down so it looks like our trip across the lake to the Chicago area will be good tomorrow and then the trip will be done.

Macatawa was a great place for me to end the trip. I had been really looking forward to going back there since I had spent so much time as a kid there. It was also fun to reflect back and remember all the memories I had and some I had forgotten. My brother and I played Macatawa trivia over SMS (since he's in Santa Monica) trying to stump each other with old friends names, boat names, etc.

As the trip winds down finally, it will be good to get back on land but it has been fun making this journey. I got to spend some time and get to know some relatives better as well as see some old friends and lots of new sights. It's probably a little like RV'ing for those that do that and visit the same spots year after year. My childhood always kind of reminded me of the place in Dirty Dancing - somewhere you would spend time each summer year after year where every body knew you and you just sort of picked up where you left off the year before. Dancing was replaced with sailing and there was no gritty romance that I was ever aware of (or at least a part) of but you get the point.

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