Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 14: Holland, MI to Chicago!

We woke up a little later today, which was a good thing after our late dinner out the night before. We went to visit Wade and his art studio which was very cool. He's a great artist and it was nice to be able to quickly catch up with him. Our friends from the night before were all around so we got to say our goodbyes and head out across the lake for our final trip.

Winds were calm, seas were calm and all looked good. Travel time across Lake Michigan was 2.5 hours for about 70 miles. I was pretty happy things got to end on a smooth note after the last couple of days and the rough seas.

We pulled into the harbor where this boat will now live out the summer around noon Central time. We cleaned it up (again) and I said my goodbyes to the boat I had spent that last 14 days on. It was a great trip. Great to spend time with my dad and enjoy the maiden voyage of his new toy. Great to spend time with some old and new friends. Great to show Erica around a part of the country where I spent so much time as a kid and an area you can only see properly by boat. Great to get back to some places that the memories of were beginning to fade. Great to see some new places and take a journey that very few are lucky enough to take in a lifetime.

I'll be back on the boat at some point but I feel special to have played the part I did in its first voyage. That boat and I will always share a sort of bond - if that's possible with an inanimate object.

I now have a couple days in Chicago to see some family and then head back to reality. It's been a fun journey and I've enjoyed documenting here and with all the pictures which I continue to add to. Thanks for letting me take you along on the journey.

Signing off once and for all.

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