Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 2: Atlantic City

A fairly non-eventful day.  Woke up way too early after not sleeping well and drove our rental car to the Atlantic City airport while my dad and the captain took the boat to Atlantic City. We docked at the Trump Marina and spent the day walking the boardwalk and playing with Google Earth connected to my Garmin GPS. Every time I play with some Google project, I am impressed with how cool their stuff is. The boat has a full Furuno navigation system in it with GPS tracking but it lacks some of the cool layers Google lets you turn on.

The real business starts tomorrow.  We are scheduled to leave at 7am and head to Newark, NJ first to pick up 2 of my dad's friends (Jock and EJ) and then the plan is to head up the Hudson River and make it to Albany, NY. This will likely be a full day of travel for us. My job that night is to get the over-the-air TV system working so my dad can watch "24" from the local Fox station in Albany. DirecTV only gets us local channels when we are near Chicago - damn spot beams. At least I'll get the Blackhawks game tonight.
Trump Marina

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