Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 4: Albany, NY to Mindenville, NY

9:00am Update:
Getting up at 6:00am (4:00am my time) is not fun. Luckily, the real coffee has arrived. This morning we were underway within 20 minutes of waking up. So far, we are a little over 2 hours into today's journey and are 6 locks into the trip. These are pretty impressive locks - most of them taking us 30+ up with each lock. I'll have some great pictures of these when I upload later in the day. We have a few more hours of locks ahead of us today.

Found a very good brew pub last night right next to our marina with a great cherry ale. Good burgers as well. Today's plan is to do some grilling on the boat for lunch since we will be moving slow in the locks and canal system.

7:00pm Update
Anchored for the night at lock #16 along the Erie Canal which is in Mindenville, NY:

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We went through 15 locks today which was not bad progress. Locks are only open from 7am to 5pm so we get to sleep in, I think, and it means we stop with enough time to enjoy the late afternoon. I believe tomorrow we leave the canal system so this may be a short lived benefit.

I got to drive for a good portion of the afternoon and through a handful of the locks. I set myself up at the upper bridge nav station which was easier to see and got me out in the sun for the day. Weather is in the 70's but while you are moving at speed, the wind knocks the apparent temp into the low 60's so a sweatshirt was needed for the later half of the day.

Traffic on the canal is very light. We are traveling now with 1 to 2 other cruisers but spent most of the day going through the locks alone. Kind of nice to have the canal to ourselves. Jimmy Buffett on the satellite radio, wind in your hair and a day on the water. Perfect.

Our evening berth is tied to the canal wall next to lock 16. It is calm and there is a large grass hill next to us. We made hamburgers on the grill for lunch while we were under way. Tonight the menu is steak, vegetables and mixed drinks. Apparently the large bags of "mixed greens" I bought are not really for human consumption... More mixed drinks, less salad I guess.

Internet is very spotty but the satellite TV works great so we watched the very exciting ending to last nights Haws / Vancouver hockey game. Great 3rd period. Buffett is on the radio again with a live concert and the steaks are cooking. I can't get the pictures from the day (and there are some great ones) to upload so I'll have to try again tomorrow while we are underway.

Day 4 - OUT!

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