Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 9: Detroit to Tawas, MI

After restocking on Liquor and then drinking what looked liked half of that, we got a late start. I actually got to sleep until I woke up on my own - which is now sadly 7:30am... Rob and Betsy came aboard at 8:30 and we got to the fuel dock at 9. The excitement of that was seeing what happened when the fuel pump hit $999.99. Sadly, it was programed to automatically stop at $950 so we were robbed of that small but interesting event.

500 gallons of fuel later, we were out on the St. Claire River on our way past Port Huron and into Lake Huron - great lake #3 for us. Wind was heavy again - 10 to 20 knots so Lake Huron had a pretty good chop built up, not as bad as yesterday but not a smooth ride. The plan is to make it as close to Mackinaw Island as possible but I fear that we will only get around half way there making for another long day tomorrow.

The excitement of the day so far (since we were robbed at the fuel dock - pun intended) was we were pulled over by the Cost Guard for a "safety inspection." About 1/2 way through this operation while we were madly searching for the flare gun, they got called away to a disabled sailboat in the shipping lane. Safety inspection cut short and they were off to their next mission. We did find the flare gun eventually. It is now more accessible.

I tested the DirecTV to make sure we get NBC for the Wings / Hawks game at 3:00. We are right on the edge of the Chicago spot beam so it will be hit or miss if we actually get it. Battery running low so more later.

6:00pm Update:
We pulled into Tawas, MI on the west side of Lake Huron around 5:30pm. Winds picked up and the trip across the lake in the middle was a little rough so we decided to head in early for the day. We pulled into a marina that was a ghost town. No fuel but we could tie up and hook up to to power that was luckily on. High winds continue through the night so the first half of tomorrow will not be much better but as we near the top of Michigan on our way to Mackinaw Island, things will improve. Mackinaw is a fun place so that is our stopping point tomorrow. From there on, it's down the east west side of Michigan for 2 days and over to Chicago.

We got to watch the Hawks game while we crossed Lake Huron. Made the trip a little nicer minus the fact the Hawks lost. We are trying for the 2nd time to cook the giant lasagna in the oven. This time we have figured out the oven (some things are too high tech to be honest) and cooking is underway. Mojito's are being made, the beer is cold and we are done for the night. Pictures of today are being uploaded and I am adding new pictures to day 5 - 7 that Jock took. Enjoy and drop your comments here!

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