Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 3: Atlantic City to Albany, NY

Update 1:
It's currently 7:50am (EDT) and I'm not sure what I'm more impressed about: the fact I've been up for an hour and half with no coffee or that I am a mile off shore cruising at 35 MPH surfing the Internet and uploading pictures.

We left Atlantic City at 7am and immediately hit open ocean for the trip up to Newark, NJ. After a short pick up there, we head back out and up to New York City and into the Hudson. I'm looking forward to that part of the trip - moving past NYC from the water.

Due to the number of pictures I've taken and will continue to, I've created a gallery page for this trip at: I'll post a few in the blog here but the full roll is broken out by day there.

Update 2:
By 5:00pm, we pulled into Troy Marina, just up river from Albany, NY. This will be our home for the night. We picked up Jock and EJ in Jersey City which is directly across the Hudson River from where the World Trade Center towers used to be. Fueling up took a couple hundred gallons for over $700. Yikes. We then spent about 6 hours heading up the Hudson River. Very pretty trip. Went past West Point which was about an hour outside of NYC on the river. Lots of little towns along the trip and tons of green trees everywhere. Weather was in the mid 60's but lots of sun.

Off to explore the little town of Troy and enjoy the brew pub which happens to be situated about 100' from our dock. I think this will be just fine. We are planing on heading back out around 6am. You know how I like to get up early. At least the coffee filters arrived so I can make real coffee in the morning!

Leave comments or questions here. Over and out for day 3.

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