Friday, October 28, 2011

A year in the life of a firefighter

  This documentary is called "Burn" and it follows City of Detroit firefighters for 1 year in a city that is rapidly deteriorating. The documentary is not yet fully funded. They are seeking donations to help complete the project and release it. Not only is the firefighting footage amazing, it tells a great story about a group of hard working citizens and the city they are fighting to save.

  Help them make this a reality by clicking on the link below.

BURN Trailer from BURN on Vimeo.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why I am voting them all OUT

Last night, the Senate blocked that $35 billion bill for states and localities to hire firefighters and cops as well as teachers, marking it the 2nd defeat for President Obama's jobs agenda in less than 2 weeks. The bill, which failed in a 50-50 vote, marked the first attempt by Senate Democrats to move pieces of the president's American Jobs Act that was defeated by a Senate filibuster last week. WTF?!? All I hear both sides in Washington say is we need more jobs. We need to protect the jobs we have. Public safety and education are "priorities." But when it comes to actually doing anything about it, you fight, bitch and do nothing to help solve the problems.

I have a new plan that I started with the election this November and will continue until things improve: If you are currently in the office you are running for, I am NOT voting for you. Regardless of party affiliation, I am not voting for any incumbents for state or federal offices. You all suck, seriously. None of you have done anything that even resembles the job you said you would do when you ran. A 2 year-old has better compromise skills than you do.

All I hear is bickering, finger pointing and blaming everyone but yourself. Even your own parties can't agree to get along internally. You all have the lowest approval rating in decades. People are camping out to protest for days (weeks) in cities across this nation. Why? We are all fed up with you. Don't you get it? You really suck and we are tired of it. It's time for all of you to go and enjoy the golden parachutes, consulting jobs, lifetime pensions and health care that you voted for yourselves after your "public service" careers. The only public I see any of you servicing is your own selfish selves, followed by a few high paying special interest groups. You've done nothing to help me or anyone I know. You've done nothing to help the economy. You've done nothing to help job growth. You've done nothing to help this country you have sworn to protect. In fact, it could be argued you have made it worse. You are leaving this world a worse place than how you found it. You couldn't even maintain. If you ran a company, you would have been fired by the board or shareholders long ago. Sadly, you don't run a company, you run a country.

I hope others will follow me and send these idiots a message. That message is: Good Bye!