Thursday, November 17, 2011

Want a white Christmas but have no snow??

I was walking the dog the other day and heard this noise that to me, sounded exactly like a snow making gun. After spending 13 years as a ski patroller, I am very aware of that sound but it was totally out of place in my neighborhood. 

I came around the corner and here is what I found! An actual snow making gun and a large air compressor. So, in case you want a white Christmas this year but mother nature is not working with you, give this guy a call and perhaps you can rent the snow gun and air compressor. 

It did a great job of covering the lawn with snow and the driveway and sidewalk with a nice thick sheet of ice. I don't see this working out well when they come home and try to pull up the driveway.

I think the kid that lives there sets this up before he goes to school so he can sled in the driveway when we gets home - since I've seen him doing that.  We do have a great sledding hill just down the block, perhaps I'll loan him some hose and extension cords so he can cover it with snow and not his driveway.

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