Thursday, July 5, 2012

The state of firefighters in Detroit

For those not involved in the fire service, you probably have not heard much recently about the City of Detroit.  For those of us in the fire service, there are weekly reminders from that city.  Yesterday came the latest news and perhaps the saddest.  We all know that Detroit is a struggling city that in my opinion, is slowly (?) imploding into itself.  It is totally out of money and rebuilding efforts appear from the outside to not be going anywhere.  It is also a city that is literally burning itself up.  Detroit Fire responded to 30,000 fires calls last year.  They see 30 structure fires a day - for a city of 714,000. To put into perspective, Los Angeles with just under 4 million people has 11 structure fires a day.

So, in an effort to combat the financial problems the city is facing, it shut down 22 fire companies and laid off 164 firefighters yesterday.  Here are the final radio calls from some of those companies:

To give you a very well done and graphical idea of what life in Detroit is like for the Detroit Fire Department, take a look at the trailer for this soon to be released documentary:

Keep the remaining hard working firefighters left to do battle in the City of Detroit in your hearts and minds.

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