Friday, August 17, 2012

Setting up your smart phone for Active 911 / CADpage

This should be a simple step by step for activating your cell phone for Active911 / CADPage to receive calls from Golden Fire in real time and give you the ability to map those calls.

iPhone / iPad users:

1) Head to the App Store and download "Active911".
2) Install and open Active911.  The first time it loads, it will ask you to register your device.
3) Click the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
4) In the Activation Code field, type in the activation code sent you to via email. It needs to be typed exactly as it was sent (capitals, dashes, etc).
5) Head over to Settings -> Notifications and set it the way you wish:

6) When Golden gets a call, you will see a screen allowing you to read the dispatch info and view a map:

Clicking on the address field at the top of the screen will open the map for the call and show you not only the location of the call but the location of other units that are using Active911 and responding.
NOTE: The buttons labeled "Respond", "Arrive", etc are only used on the apparatus iPads. They do not notify anyone else and should not be used as a substitute for calling into IamResponding.

Android Users:

1) Download CADPage from the Android Play Store
2) Launch CADPage and enter the settings menu.
3) Click on Direct Paging Vendors:

Click on "Active 911"

You will see a "Register" button right in the middle (where mine says "Unregister").  This will take you to a webpage where you will enter the registration code I gave you. You will be notified that registration was successful.

You can play with the notification settings but when Golden is paged to a call, you will be notified usually within seconds.  The screen will give you the call details and the "Map" button will launch Google Maps and pre-load the call address into the map allowing you to navigate to it.  

The Android software will not let you see other units.

Like the iPhone version, do not use the "Respond" "Arrive", etc buttons you see on your screen. They will not notify anyone else and this is not a replacement for calling into IamResponding.

Lastly, you can add a "widget" to your Android screen allowing you to quickly turn off audible notifications or the pop-up window of CADPage.  Useful for when you don't want to be alerted to Golden calls (the widget is on the top of my screen):

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

Other notes:

To go "on" or "off" duty with either program, follow the instructions on this link.  You can do it via a SMS message.  This would take the place of turning off your notifications.  There may be a reason where you want to go "off duty" which would keep you from getting any pages.

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