Monday, February 3, 2014

Using Raspberry Pi for Webview

I've been asked to write up a step by step for using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer as an Active911 Webview monitor.

- I purchased a Raspberry Pi computer from Amazon.

- This also needs an operating system.  I bought a 32 GB SD card from Staples and then downloaded the NOOBS image.  Step by step instructions for doing this are at:

- Once that was done, I downloaded the Chromium browser and installed it onto the machine. It seems to be a better browser for handling Active911 Webview.

- Launch Chromium and enter the Registration Code for your Webview session.  This saved it so when I launch it in kiosk mode, it simply logs in.

Now I needed to do some configuring so I can boot the RPi and have it launch Chromium in kiosk mode and not have the screen saver come on (I am connected to a 1080i monitor via an HDMI cable for all of this).