Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lockitron, Doorbot and other Kickstarter crap (updated)

I'm an early adopter.  Always have been and probably always will be.  The average age of my cell
phones over the last 20 years has been around 9 months.  However, I also have a very low tolerance for crap. While I am willing to test new gear, if it sucks, I won't put up for it very long.

As someone who is an early adopter, Kickstarter is a potential dream come true. You get in on the action on brand new gear at a reduced price.  You get to use high tech equipment before it ever hits the shelves (some of the time).

I jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon.  I bought in early on a couple projects that have finally hit the mainstream.  So far, I've supported 4 campaigns on Kickstarter.  I've received 3 products and the 4th is a film still in development. So, how have I fared?  Of the 3 products (discussed below), all 3 are total crap. The film is about olympic swimmers and I backed it because it sounded interesting.

So, what did I buy?  The first product I backed was the one I was most interested in: Lockitron. This is right in my wheelhouse for good ideas.  I love home automation and products designed to make our lives easier.  Why we still carry keys is beyond me.  Technology has advanced - or so I thought. One of the features I required in my new car was push-button start so I never had to use a key.